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Fundraising with Gotcha Dreaming

Whether it's for a Local Charity, Church Groups, Public or Private Schools, Marching Bands, Jr. ROTC, Community Programs and Awareness, Cheerleading, Football, Baseball, or Basketball Teams, Gotcha Dreaming can help make your next fundraiser a success with our qaulity linen products!

If you're interested in running a fundraiser for one day, two weeks, or two months, we will do what it takes to make your campaign a success. All of our products are easy to sell and even easier to deliver, as our sheets are non-perishable. When Gotcha Dreaming hosts your campaign, our sheet sets are offered to Non-Profit Organizations (501c3) at wholesale prices. We will generally work with a designated "Team Captain" to answer all questions and distribute information.  

Fundraiser Overview

Your fundraising campaign can begin at any time. We will send you over a general order document via email so that you can forward it directly to your group and they can print on the spot to get started. We will also mail you our brochures that have the order forms along with color options. Just provide your address along with the number you need and it’s done.


Your organization most likely has a 501(c)3 filing number for Non-Profits. We will need this for our records.  Once we have that we will provide you our sheets, including bulk shipping, order form brochures, and sample swatches for each participant at $24.00 per set.  You can sell them for whatever you like but we see the most success at a price of $39.00 per set.


If you do not have a 501(c)3, don’t worry, you can still participate in a bed sheet fundraiser with Gotcha Dreaming. We just have to inform you upfront that you may be responsible for gathering sales tax in your respective state. If your organization is in the state of Georgia then Gotcha Dreaming Bed Sheet Co. will be responsible for charging sales tax.


At a rate of $39.00 per set your campaign raises $15.00 for every set sold.


For payment from your customers, have them write their checks out to the campaign name (or what is listed on the 501(c)3 form) if possible. This way, they know their money is going to the cause. Once you have all of your money accounted for, you can then write one check to Gotcha Dreaming Bed Sheet Co. at our rate of $24.00 per set.  That’s it. You keep your fundraising profits!  This is the preferred method but we can discuss alternatives if needed. We have done it in the past where the individual checks are made out to Gotcha Dreaming Bed Sheet Co. and then we just mail a check for the amount raised by the campaign.


Upon completion of your first wave of sales, we will provide you with a final Warehouse Order Form that you will email to Gotcha Dreaming.  This is the order form in which we will fulfill your sales and get them on their way.  Whatever is on that form is what's coming so please double check it for accuracy.


Once Gotcha Dreaming receives your Warehouse Order Form we will then send an invoice via email. From there you can mail Gotcha Dreaming a check for the invoice amount. When it arrives we will then process your order for fulfillment and shipping. You can expect your order to arrive in approximately 5 business days after payment is made.


As you may already know, people are going to be excited about receiving a quality product at a very reasonable price from your fundraiser. This never happens with cookie dough, popcorn, or candy bars! The best part is this....once you and your team are distributing your bed sheets, you will have people wanting more.  Just ask Debbie C. with the COTA program over in Augusta, GA.  We discussed this early on. The next thing you know, she's calling to say "You were right!", and they sold another 986 sets!


These are among the best made linen products coming from overseas today. So much so, that we stand behind our product 100%. ALWAYS HAVE / ALWAYS WILL. Nobody else does that!  This isn’t the cheap junk that you see in lower end stores and made to get people to buy them based on price alone. The reason our fundraisers have been a HUGE success is that people just aren’t used to getting a quality product at a fair price when they’re contributing money for a campaign.


Our fundraising partnership is based on communication. You can always reach someone from Gotcha Dreaming Bed Sheet Co. to answer questions that you or a contributor may have.  If you want to run a fundraising campaign for 1 day, fine, if you want to make it two weeks or two months, we’re good with that too.  This product is easy to sell and it makes it even easier for arranging delivery because sheets aren’t perishable.


Feel free to call us anytime!     (800) 600-8532


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